• RAMSA Fellowship

  • The RAMSA Travel Fellowship is a $10,000 prize awarded yearly by Robert A. M. Stern Architects for the purpose of travel and research. More specifically, the RAMSA Travel Fellowship seeks to promote investigations on the perpetuation of tradition through invention - key to the firm’s own work. The prize is intended to nurture emerging talent and is awarded every year to an individual who has proven insight and interest in the profession and its future, as well as the ability to carry forth in-depth research.

    excerpt from:www.ramsa.com

    Identity Design for the first five years of the RAMSA Fellowship. Includes 5 posters plus other pieces for emails, internet posts and flyers. The idea behind these series is to create a question on the viewer about the main object of the poster and wonder how would they travel; Each illustration is a tool or machine design for travel or to help travel.